“Exhilarating…Kantor and Twohey have crafted their news dispatches into a seamless and suspenseful account of their reportorial journey, a gripping blow-by-blow of how they managed, ‘working in the blank spaces between the words,’ to corroborate allegations that had been chased and abandoned by multiple journalists before them.” -Susan Faludi, The New York Times

“An instant classic of investigative journalism. The book is packed with reluctant sources, emotional interviews, clandestine meetings, impatient editors, secret documents, late-night door knocks, toady lawyers and showdowns with Weinstein himself. The cumulative effect is almost cinematic, a sort of ‘All the President’s Men’ for the Me Too era, except the men are women, and they don’t protect the boss, they take him down.” -Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post

She Said is first and foremost an account of incredible reporting, the kind that takes time, diligence and the kind of institutional support many newspapers can no longer afford. For journalist readers, it is a chance to watch experts at work. And this book is a rare view for nonjournalists into the exacting and rigorous process of quality reporting, and it acts as an implicit counterargument to rising, ambient skepticism of the press . . . Deeply suspenseful, a kind of less swaggering All the President's Men.” - Annalisa Quinn, NPR

She Said is riveting and, crafted by two of the country's most talented journalists, a vibrant, cinematic read.” - Jill Filipovic, CNN